Douven Staul

Old friend and mentor to the adventuring party


A self professed adventurer archeologist, Douvan Staul took a young group of fortune seekers under his watchful gaze and brought them up to possess a keen eye for adventure and opportunity. Married to an ever patient woman, Douvan never looses his sense of what is hidden, what is awaiting discovery. Whether long forgotten civilizations, an ancient burial ground, or the remote hiding place of legendary treasure, he brings his life and belongings on one journey after another.

After leaving an yet another search for the treasure of folklore, the wife of Douven Staul stumbled across a band of adventurers from her past and implored them to seek the fate of her husband. After investigating his last known whereabouts, Douven was found tied and gagged in his bedroll after being set upon by a rogue group of mercenaries.

Douven Staul

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